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I am Chandra Shakti Mohan, a digital marketer and a martial artist. Sign up now to receive my FREE emails about the best tips on WordPress Website Setup and highly profitable marketing strategies.

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Short Story by Shaolin Warrior

My Dear Warriors! Amituofo (May Buddha Bless You) Are you excited to learn basics of Kung Fu? You can ask me who are you first of all? What do you know about Kung Fu? Okay! I am Chandra Shakti Mohan and I have been ranked as “Gao Ji Zhu Jiao” (Senior Assistant...

Hi! I am Chandra Shakti Mohan

I am a Marketer and a Martial Artist (Shaolin Kung Fu Practitioner), I provide Digital Marketing and Web Designing services along with that I teach kung fu.

Thank you for checking out my blog. I write on Martial Arts techniques and styles, Digital Marketing methods and tools which will help you grow your business.